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About the Company

A high Octane productivity boosting organization bringing the latest machining technology to the modern machine shops, ranging from Metal Cutting Tools, Industrial Process Fluids, IIOT, Fluid management system, Computer Aided Design (CAD) & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, Industry 4.0 solutions and much more.

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We represent world class products from the renowned companies and markets leaders from across the globe. Our aim is to reduce CPC without compromising on the quality & brand.

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FUCHS Lubricants

Range of Industrial Process Fluids

34 Manufacturing Plants, 35 R&D centers, presence in115 countries & 78 offices across the globe. 

The global leader in industrial process fluids. If it’s made of metal, if it’s rolled, cut, drawn or cast, FUCHS Lubricants is there, optimizing processes, reducing costs, advancing safety and sustainability…and driving progress.

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A Complete range of Metal Cutting Tools.

75000 products, 1000 patents & over 8000 employees.

Four experts, one area of expertise: Cutting Solutions by WALTER TOOLS are pooling their specialist know-how to form the Power of Three, which not only offers wide-ranging knowledge in the field of machining but also a product range that is one of the most comprehensive on the market.

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Solidcam CAD/CAM Software

A patented technology reducing cycle time upto 70%

SolidCAM is the leading Integrated CAM software which runs directly inside SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor, with seamless integration and full tool path associativity.

iMachining is the patented technology from SolidCAM software helping manufacturers to reduce cycle time.

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Corrosion Prevention Solutions

Rust-X is a Global Market Leader for Corrosion Prevention Products & Solutions and manufactures over 500 products in Automotive, Aersospace, Oil&Gas, Infrastructure etc. with its presence in all continents. ViaSell has the widest range of products.

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Speroni - Italy

Range of Tool Pre-setter

ViaSell offers a wide range of Tool presetters, tool management products and software from Speroni - Italy.
It drastically reduces the tool set-up time thus helping improve overall productivity.



Assembly and Fastening Material

The Würth Line has the product range for craft and industry comprises over 100,000 products: From screws, screw accessories and anchors to tools, chemical-technical products and personal protection equipment.

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CNC Monitoring Systems

Viasell is a company that specializes in industrial automation and monitoring products. Our Autobits systems enable remote monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance, enhancing overall efficiency and reliability in industrial operations.

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Zoho IoT

Low-code IoT Platform for Business

Viasell is a Premium Partner of ZohoIoT, which offers a cloud application enablement platform for building custom IoT applications. ZohoIot provides an extensive collection of ready-to-deploy solutions, eliminating the need to build from scratch.

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ARES Commander

DWG-Based CAD Software

Viasell not only specializes in industrial automation and monitoring products but also offers ARES Commander, a powerful CAD software for creating and modifying DWG drawings in 2D and 3D. With ARES Commander, users can leverage drafting and design features, enhancing productivity and cost savings.



Industry 4.0 for the Lubricants

FluidEdge is designed to track Coolant Consumption, operations, and personnel performance remotely, sending you real-time customizable and downloadable notifications and reports, to evaluate and reduce your Chemical Consumption and reduce Environmental impact. FluidEdge is the ultimate Oil management upgrade.


Software for Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Our product line includes advanced CNC-Editors, DNC software for reliable CNC communication, Manufacturing Data Collection for real-time monitoring and analysis of shop floor productivity, and Production Data Management for managing, controlling and securely storing all production related data.

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Supply Point

Inventory management software

Viasell offers industrial vending machines and inventory management software from Supply Point. The vending machines are suitable for shop floor equipment, tools, consumables, and inventory items. The inventory management software manages all equipment and supports key stock room functions.

How We Help

VIASELL has earned its reputation as a top supplier because we go out of our way to provide truly exceptional service to each of our clients. We understand that your needs can change last minute, and we’re ready to adapt our services quickly to ensure your success. 

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Customer Support

Exceptional Service

To us, customer support covers everything from product quality to prompt delivery, after-sales service, professional expertise and advice resulting in higher yield & return on investment, thus building a long term partnership with our customers.. Whenever you work with VIASELL, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

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Quick Delivery

Here For You

 Quick and hassle-free delivery is our motto. When it comes prompt delivery, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, and guarantee of dispatch within 24 hours, you’ll love working with our team. 

We want all of our clients to experience the impressive level of professionalism when working with VIASELL. You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.

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​Call us : +91 9325365247


Corporate Office

304 Kumar Primus,


Pune - 411013

MH (India)


039,10th Floor, Tower1, Sec 40,
Seawoods Railway Station, 
Thane - 400706
MH (India)


Plot No:34, Sai Nagar Colony,

Risala Bazar, Bolarum,

Secunderabad ,


Telangana (India)


UG11 Hare Krishna Complex,


Ahmedabad 380023

Gujarat (India)


Jeevan Bharati Building,

Harambee Avenue,



Kenya (Africa)


JAFZA View 18 & 19
1st Floor Downtown 

Jebel Ali

Dubai (UAE)

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Viasell, a proud premium partner of Zoho IoT, benefits from their cloud application enablement platform. With Zoho IoT, Viasell can easily build and deploy custom IoT applications that meet your unique requirements.

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TAN No: PNEV17561F

Udyam MSME No : UDYAM-MH-26-0071507


Current Account: ICICI Bank A/C No: 058105500979, IFSC Code: ICIC0000581

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