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A Complete range of Metal Cutting Tools.

Solutions to meet the challenges that lie ahead

Engineering Kompetenz is a promise

​​​​Today, machining is more than just about turning, milling, drilling and threading.  Perfection and precision are merely a stepping stone. It’s about much more. It’s about goals that still seem unattainable – and about solutions that still seem unimaginable today, but will already become the new benchmark tomorrow.

If you’re looking for solutions to meet the challenges that lie ahead, you’ll find Walter. You have our very own word on it: Engineering Kompetenz.

​​If you’re looking for innovative solutions, you’ll find Walter:
All over the world.

Wherever you’re planning or implementing your next project, we’re there for you. At our headquarters in Germany and with numerous subsidiaries and sales partners in over 80 different countries.

Walter stands for solutions that mark milestones in machining, helping you reach your goals right on target more rapidly and reliably. Solutions that make your projects more efficient and effective.

Machining in a real production environment

Walter Technology Center

What does our Technology Center offer?
The Technology Center offers a factory of the future on 5,000 m² and 4 floors, which is already a reality. Equipped with the latest machining and communication technology, it enables us to actively live out the future.


Networked production

The reality of the digital transformation – an intelligent factory in which everything is networked. An innovative environment in which we test procedures and processes in real-world production conditions.
The entire process chain, from planning to the finished component, is digitally networked. And that's not all. In the future, everything will communicate in real time via an application platform. Intelligent products provide information and highlight new optimisation potential for our customers.

Real-life engineering

How would you react if we told you that you could be here and experience first-hand how we develop and test individual solutions for your products? This is precisely what we do at our Technology Center.

  • We involve our customers directly in the development of industry-specific machining solutions.

  • We experience, test and analyse the tools, machining processes and digital applications live with customers.

  • We visualise the complex machining processes using augmented reality.

  • We depict the entire life-cycle of the customer's component and develop customer-specific prototypes – which are then used locally in production operations without delays or complex tests.

Training sessions and events

The Technology Center is a place of learning.
In the machine hall, we develop and test the machining solutions of the future.
In six training rooms, we offer our employees, customers and trade partners technical training, workshops and group sessions – all globally networked by live transmission.
In the conference area, which is equipped with the latest presentation technologies, we organise customer events and cross-sector expert symposia.

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