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Tough competition, Economic slow-down and new innovations make it essential to review your production line more frequently.

Improvement in CPC is the need of the hour & how to achieve that without disruption or expert advice is a key challenge.

We can help you !

With the C.O.S.T. method, we use a proven, structured process to identify the areas of improvements and help you implement the customized solutions without increasing the spend & disturbing your production.

C.O.S.T. works on the key 4 areas involved in the CNC machining process. It’s all about bringing efficiency with increase output at contained costs. As a service provider with long experience and a decent customer base, we have a wealth of knowledge to craft smart solutions.

We can help you at machine level, operator level, and even organizational level. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

A four-step process that really works

The C.O.S.T. method can be performed on a single component to trial the proposed solution before applying it to the entire production. We support all levels, regardless of whether you are an operator, technician, production manager, strategic purchaser or managing director. We work closely together with you, reviewing your needs and finding solutions using 4 core areas of CNC productivity enhancement:​


A productivity team studies the machine efficiency, cycle time of the program created for the component, type & quantity of tools used and also the industrial processing fluids used since it's most ignored but very important area of CNC manufacturing process.


After we analyse the study results, the team proposes solutions with options for increased productivity in targeted areas with lower costs, helping you to bring down the overall CPC.


The team validates the proposal with the help of a trial process with your production staff. We provide a complete report helping the production unit to decide on the implementation of the solutions recommended.


The result of trial component helps you to build the confidence in the proposed solution. Together we create a detailed plan on how to proceed, what investments are needed, and how the machine efficiency can be further improved.

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